Translating innovation into new approaches for applied and clinical research

Neuroscience 2012
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Session I

Healthcare Economics and Global Issues Impacting the Discovery and Development of Effective CNS Therapies and Diagnostics

Session II

The Opportunities and Challenges in Developing New Therapies for Psychiatric Disorders

Lunch & Keynote

Incorporating Mental Illness into a Coherent Self

Session III

Understanding Neurodevelopment and Exploring New Approaches for Treatment

Session IV

The Opportunities and Challenges in Developing New Treatments for Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Disease

Dinner & Keynote

New Landscapes for Life Science Research

Session V

How and When Will We Discover the Next Generation of Psychiatric and Neurological Drugs and Diagnostics?

Session VI

Innovations and New Technologies in Neuroscience

Session VII

Philanthropy, An Important Role for Funding Basic, Translational, and Clinical Research

Lunch & Keynote

A Comprehensive Review and The Path Forward

Neuroscience 2012 Biotech Pioneers

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