Translating innovation into new approaches for applied and clinical research
The Alexandria Summit® is a neutral, interactive platform convening a diverse group of visionary stakeholders around topics critical to the advancement of human health, including oncology, neuroscience, infectious diseases, agricultural innovation, digital health, medical research philanthropy and healthcare economics. Since its founding in 2011, the Alexandria Summit has catalyzed transformative discussions and collaborations that have driven the discovery and development of novel, cost-effective therapies; advanced innovation to better manage and cure disease; improved nutrition and increased access to healthy foods; and inspired new ways of addressing the urgent need to transform our healthcare system and reduce the economic burden of disease on society. Coalescing around tangible solutions that drive measurable impact, the Alexandria Summit community is in the vanguard of implementing change that will drive innovation to shape the future of human health.
Alexandria Summit –
Innovate Ag 2017
Alexandria Summit – Healthcare Economics 2017
Alexandria Summit – Healthcare Economics 2016
Alexandria Summit – Infectious Diseases 2016

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